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by The Forest Wall

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released August 2, 2011


tags: rock Frederick


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The Forest Wall Frederick, Maryland

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Track Name: Canon
I lie underneath this canon
and it keeps me safe at night
it says,
“here lies a boy who will fight to keep his dream alive”
and I know this mountain’s high
but I’ve seen what’s down below
so time’s up, whether you're ready or not
it’s time for us to go

and we walk alone
somehow, we found some comfort along this open road
and we walk alone
we’ll find what it takes to earn the right to call this life our own

I’m here, standing in the doorway
my legs frozen still with time
with the road laid out before me, I don’t dare open my eyes
and do I turn my back on safety and leave it all behind?
you won’t walk beside me
but I’ll find the strength to hold on to what’s mine

I’ve seen these days go by
and I’ve heard this story told
so time’s up, whether you're ready or not
it’s time for us to go
Track Name: Does It Make A Sound?
is it like it never happened if no one knows you did it?
is the creature or the habit unable to admit?
find a place to place the blame, you’ve made your case and still the same
exhausted all your options, still no one knows your face

if a tree falls down and no one is around to hear it,
tell me, does it make a sound?

the mystery continues
they drop like flies, but “so it goes”
from five to four to three to two to one
still no one knows what you’ve done
is it like it never happened?
still, no one knows you did it
you’re a creature full of habit, unable to admit it
Track Name: Spanish Skies
it’s been two years since I have seen your face
and how it glows under Castilian skies
still, I’ve been trying to find the right words
but it’s all I can do now
to make a sound
would you hear me now?
puedes oírme now?

Spanish skies
please know you set me right
and, though I’ve waited, my whole heart still seems to beat
en valladolid

your voice, it taught me
how much I must believe in this melody
but these notes have held me for far too long
when I come home, please
don’t make a sound
just let the strings sing it
Track Name: Suitcase Son
so you waited for the spring to begin
packed your bags,
started living on the inside
said it mattered to you where you wound up, but you still
locked yourself up,
started living on the inside

please, just let the record play

so you recall the stage and the spotlight
but do you remember what brought you in the first place?
oh, how the poets would weep if they could only see
what’s become of their kingdom

the world,
it seems to pull you out
for days and days and days
but the time has come for some things to be realized
so, unpack your suitcase, son
it’s time for you to stay